Will I be recharged every month?

Yes, if you paid by check or credit card unless you cancel your membership.

How do I cancel?

Simply go to CCBill Support, Vendo or Epoch Support (depending on which billing company you used) and follow the instructions.

I've joined but only want to stay one month - how can I make sure I don't get charged twice?

Cancel your membership anytime and your password will not expire until the month is up.

Will the Web900 be charged to my phone bill every month?

No. You will be charged only once for a full 30 days membership.

How can I check that it's cancelled?

Go to CCBill Support, Vendo or Epoch Support (depending on which billing company you used) and follow the instructions. and check if your account is inactive - you won't be recharged if it is in-active.

If the website price goes up does my billing automatically go up?

No. Your monthly membership will also remain the same while you remain a member. If you cancel and the price has changed you will have to rejoin at the higher price. We've had members who have been re-billed over 100 times and they're still getting charged the old price.


If you are experiencing problems accessing the members area, please read our tips below:

· Remember that your username and password are both CaSe SenSiTiVe! If your username is 'bobby', it will not work if you enter it as 'Bobby'.

· Check that do not have Caps Lock on! It sounds obvious but is easy to miss!

· Ensure that your membership is still active by looking it up using one of the Billing Processor links to the right.

If you still experience problems accessing the website, please contact your Billing Processor or email us directly at

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